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Group Disability Insurance

Long and Short Term Disability Coverage

Long and short term disability coverage is the protection your employees need to maintain their financial well-being and protect their future if they become too ill or hurt to work. Allow your employees to protect themselves from the unforeseeable with disability income insurance from Employee Benefit Partners.





Short Term Disability Coverage

Short term disability pays out benefits to your employees, typically between 12 - 26 weeks should something happen to them. YES, most short term policies do include maternity benefits for child birth.  For your short term disability plan, you can establish a waiting period, set the length of time your employees will be covered, and the maximum coverage amount your employees will receive. 


Long Term Disability Coverage

Long term disability insurance will provide a steady stream of income to help cover living expenses during an extended illness or after a disabling accident.  Long term disability plans can cover up to 70% of your employees income up to their retirement age, depending on your plan selection.

Let EBP Find the Disability Coverage Solution for You

We have numerous nationally-recognized carriers and coverage options available for your short and long term disability coverage needs. Contact our disability coverage specialists today to discuss your needs and find the solution that works best for you and your employees.


Employee Pay Check Protection


Helps cover living expenses: Will help your employee pay for food, clothing, utilities, mortgage, car payments and more.

Direct monthly payments:  Employee receives a portion of their salary paid directly to them each month if they are unable to work once the waiting period has been satisfied.  You can also elect to have the insurance carrier send out the W-2 at the end of the year at no cost to you.


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