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Corporate Liability Insurance

Running your own business comes with various degrees of liability. Without the proper corporate liability insurance and risk management solutions in place, you open yourself up to issues that could put your employees and the integrity of your business at risk. The associates at Employee Benefit Partners can help you navigate the complexities corporate liability, and help you develop risk management solutions that will offset the risks associated with operating a business.


Our Corporate Liability Insurance Options

EBP is please to offer you only the highest quality, full-coverage liability insurance options to protect you and your employees from every type of risk. These coverage options include:

General Liability. Insures property damages and bodily injury caused either by your employees or your company.

Professional Liability. Professional liability, or errors & omissions liability (E&O), covers risks associated with company information, your services, and advice/consultation that may cause losses for your customers.

Management Liability. Management liability covers the risks that face authority figures within your company.

Equipment Breakdown. This coverage ensures that, should your equipment break down, you’ll be covered for any costs for repair, loss of work, and other losses caused by loss of equipment.

Fidelity Bonds. Fidelity bonds ensure that, should one of your employees commit a fraudulent act, you’ll be protected.

Builders’ Risk. Construction and renovation comes with inherent worksite risk. Builders’ risk insurance protects your contractors, your materials, fixtures and equipment from injury or damage.

Crime Insurance. Protect your business from theft, employee dishonesty, forgery, and all other kinds of crime that could victimize your business.


Inland marine. insurance covers your offsite business property, tools, and equipment.

Automobile. Whether you have only a couple of business cars or a fleet of cargo vans, automobile insurance covers you and your employees in the event of an accident.


Captive Insurance Programs. We can help you design a risk management program that protects your business financially and gives you more control over your insurance.


Umbrella Policies. Umbrella insurance gives you additional liability insurance that protects you from major lawsuits, especially when your other coverage can cover you no further.


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