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Human Resources & Support

Complying with state and federal mandates while managing your workforce and operating your day-to-day business activities can be overwhelming. The Human Resources associates at Employee Benefit Partners possess the skill, knowledge, and industry expertise necessary to help you manage all of your employee benefit responsibilities.

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Contributions & Out-of- pocket Limits for Health Saving Accounts & High Deductible Health Plans



HSA Contribution Limit    

Employer + Employee contributions  

Self - $3,850     

Family - $7,750

HSA Catch-up contributions (age 55 and older) - $1,000

HDHP minimum deductible 

Self-Only - $1,500

Family - $3,000

HDHP maximum-out-of-pocket amounts

(deductibles, co-pays, other qualified expenses)

Self-only - $7,500

 Family - $15,000

Our HR Specialties

To ensure that your business has the resources that align with your needs, EBP is committed to providing a variety of HR services for your business. These services include:

  • COBRA Administration

  • Health Savings Accounts

  • Health Reimbursement Accounts

  • New employee benefit enrollment 

  • Flexible Savings Accounts

  • Benefits Coordination

  • Employee Benefit Meetings

  • Employee Benefit Booklets

  • Benefits Administration


Customized HR Benefit Solutions & Support

Your business and employee needs are unique. EBP can offer you customized benefit and administration solutions to fit your business model. From in-depth consultations to a phone call’s worth of advice, our comprehensive HR management services will guide you through the vast and complicated world of Human Resources when and how you need it.

Supporting Your Business from Within

Let our strengths become yours. Employee Benefit Partners has the potential to be your business’ greatest strength.  Let us help you to retain your most talented employees, maintain legislative compliance, and to ensure the overall efficiency of your organization. 



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