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Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness

Studies show that 75 percent of chronic illnesses are related to lifestyle and behavioral choices. As a result, more and more individuals are placing the emphasis on their health and well-being from reactionary care to preventative care that gives them more power to control the state of their health. As the primary providers of health insurance benefits, employers are beginning to realize that medical benefits alone cannot sustain a healthy workforce. Including a corporate wellness program into your company’s insurance coverage is a vital part of maintaining the health and wellness of your staff.

Promoting a Healthy Workforce

If your company is looking for an innovative and integrated solution that addresses the persistent challenge of rising health care premiums, Employee Benefit Professionals can help. We believe the most cost-effective employee benefits programs not only address plan design and disease management, but also make corporate wellness a crucial element of the overall plan structure. That way, you can focus on all the needs of your employees.

Corporate Wellness Services

Because of this focus on wellness, Employee Benefit Professionals offer a comprehensive array of wellness services for your employees. These services include:

  • Corporate wellness program design and development
  • Employee health risk and wellness assessments
  • Corporate health fair and health screening planning
  • Corporate wellness awareness (posters, flyers, etc.)
  • Committee guidance for wellness programs

Our Approach

As one of the area’s leading employee benefits consulting companies, we can assist with every detail of your wellness program. Our partnerships with some of the area’s leading wellness innovators have allowed us to identify new methods, services and technology that will drive employee engagement and produce sustainable results for your company.

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